25 Kille Review: Gugu Gill & Yograj Singh Carry The Entire Burden!

By | August 28, 2016

If an actor or actress foraying into regional cinema looks down upon getting his/her voice dubbed by a professional dubbing artist, then 25 Kille is an eye opener for them!

The story of four brothers and their land possession by someone else is the basis for making this 2 hour 21 minute visual experience which pumped up my blood quite a few times but also turned me down completely at some others.

Starting with the good points, I was happy to see some of my favourite actors Mrs. Bhangu and Sardar Sohi in the movie, besides the veterans Gugu Gill and Yograj Singh. Though the film has been promoted a lot highlighting their comeback together after 16 years but what’s sad is that the entire film’s burden has been carried by these two actors only!

The film starts with a story telling by a muh boli bhua to a postman who is carrying a letter for Saudagar Singh’s family. The letter from a chacha (Sardar Sohi) suddenly turns their life when they get to know that they own a land portion of 25 Kille.

25 kille review

By the way these four brothers are – a horse seller (Gugu Gill), a home maker (Lakhwinder Singh), a Kabaddi player (Ranjha Vikram Singh) and a college student (Jimmy Sharma). The eldest of them all is Saudagar who treats the trio as his sons. None of the four is married but gradually each has his own budding love story.

On the other hand,  Bachittar Singh’s (Yograj Singh) family comprises of actors like Hobby Dhaliwal, Prince KJ Singh, Narinder Nina beside others. There is a background story that connects these two families and becomes the reason for Bachittar Singh to seize the 25 Kille.

Story advances and actresses start appearing! A bhabi (Sandeep Kaur Sandy) who lives wall to wall with the brothers, a mystery lover and a Canadian girl who lands at Ransher’s (Kabaddi player) tournament just at the time when an opposition player is clinging onto Ransher’s leg (Lol).

25 kille review

Till the interval I had a clenched denture and eyes touching my forehead as to what the film is actually about and why am I even sitting here watching a first day show but after munching a few caramel pops my mouth sweetened and that’s when these two advocates jumped in, played by Daljinder Basran and Sandeep Malhi. Out of the two, advocate Navreet Kaur (Sandeep) gradually caught my attention. From a scared first timer to a bombastic killer vakeel, she bowled me over with her performance. Kudos girl!

25 kille review

For the other girls, Sandy was the only one who could act – I concluded :-/

Talking about the lead cast – Ranjha Vikram Singh and Sonia Mann, one thing is for sure that both should have hired a dubbing artist. Ransher’s Bollywood dialogue delivery made the character look too desperate. Factually speaking, pendu kabaddi players never talk like that, which makes the character absurd. As his father, the voice over adds the whole feel to his character which makes it so much better. Vikram is still a work-in-progress actor to whom fumbling and bumbling and being awkward comes naturally, he is a good fit for his character but only if he manages to correct his regional dialect.

25 kille review

Sonia Mann has a slurry speech and it was very evident throughout the film. That’s a medical condition so I wouldn’t comment on it but yeah hiring a professional dubber would have been a better option for her character’s completeness.

The one take song failed miserably because it had a lot of goof ups which were so irritating. Theatrical prospects are poor, and, with supporting players like Gugu Gill and Yograj Singh and Sardar Sohi, the films becomes a little bearable.

The story is substantially good but the treatment of this film is very very sadly done!

The most annoying part of the movie was the end – How could you even think that you could have a bashing up scene of Yograj Singh and that too by a debutante?? (Mr. Hundal this one’s for you to answer)

25 kille review

I strongly object to that scene and also would like to remind you as well as those who take these things lightly that it is because of such legendary actors that Punjabi cinema has established itself so well and using them for amateur fight sequences like these would any day bring down the level of a film maker. A little more responsible is what I had expected this team to be. The transformation too was very abrupt and it felt as if the maker was tired himself and wanted to wind up the shoot, therefore the sudden parivartan and there you go..

Also, I think that the blood used in this film was little too bright?? (Make up dada!)

25 Kille Rating – 2/5

(Watch it only if you are a Gugu Gill or Yograj Singh fan!)

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