After A Long Time, A Trailer Which Can Be Termed As ‘Powerful’!

By | September 1, 2016

After some great work in Shareek, Mahie Gill is back to woo the Punjabi audiences and this time her onscreen combo is with the mushy turned macho actor Roshan Prince and a debutante lead Ravinder.

Check out the freshly released trailer of Aatishbaazi Ishq:

Released on the official channel of Yellow Music, this is one trailer that shows that finally Punjabi industry too is capable of delivering some powerful content, especially trailers.

Evident from the trailer, this one is a love triangle of three sportspersons and which lover wins over the damsel is for us to see when the movie hits the big screen on 7th October.

(Roshan Prince And Mahie Gill To Sizzle In Aatishbaazi Ishq)

By the way, with this movie Mahie Gill too has turned producer and here’s hoping that this industry flourishes with some unique content in coming times.

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