Bappi Lahiri To Sing A Punjabi Song With Snoop Doggs’ Rap!

By | November 17, 2016

The literal sone da putla of India, who has voiced many hit songs in Bollywood films is now testing international waters.

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He opened up to US based hitlist about his association with the international project, Moana. “I am really excited. This is the first time I have sung a track (Shona) and done a a voiceover for an international film.”

Wait a minute, that isn’t all with our cute looking composer Bappi Lahiri!

He recorded a single with Snoop Dogg in America, which is soon to be released.

He said, ” I’ve sung it in Punjabi, with Snoop rapping in parts. Tulsi Kumar (singer) also features in the number. The single should be out in January.”

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On being poked further to reveal Ask him if he has a dream project and the veteran surprises us with the name he picks. “To sing alongside Lady Gaga. I will share news on that soon.” So, is there a collaboration in the pipeline? “It’s a surprise (laughs).”

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