Beat That! Pakistan Labels Punjabi ‘Foul’ Bans It!

By | October 17, 2016

A controversial circular from Pakistan’s Beaconhouse School System has been doing the rounds of social media lately as it bans Punjabi language and labels it as ‘foul’.

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Beaconhouse School System in Sahiwal, Punjab, sent out a circular to parents informing about the disciplinary policy of the school. One of the instructions was about the ban on foul language in school and home.

Photo: Twitter/@TarekFatah

Photo: Twitter/@TarekFatah

“Foul language is not allowed within and outside the school premises, in the morning, during the school hours and after home time. Foul language includes taunts, abuse, Punjabi and hate speech”.

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The school’s circular received flak from social media users, campaigners and Punjabi activists for advising students to not speak Punjabi.

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