Bishamber Das Hits A New High With Ebay’s Curve Fashion Hub!

By | September 26, 2016

For all those think that a girl looks appealing only when she is thin have to literally hit their head on the wall to wake up from their shitty thought process and look at this gorgeous lady Bishamber Das, who is making her curvy figure a global trend!

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The Curve Fashion Festival is the UK’s largest Plus Size Event for women over size 14 and this time Ebay launched their plus size fashion collection called the Curve Fashion Hub, at the event.

The campaign’s faces were our own desi lad Bishamber Das, Tess Holliday and Callie Thorpe. These women starred in a shoot and short film with the aim of inspiring British women to reset the rules of plus-size dressing; defying the stale conventions of style and celebrate fashion at any size.

We had a chance to interact with Bishamber and here’s what she had to say, “Ebay is your ‘1 stop’ hub where women of all shapes and sizes can come and find clothes online. I am so proud to be part of this campaign for many reasons. Firstly being a Punjabi woman in an international campaign and representing is so important! Indians are the second largest population in the world and it saddens me when I rarely see us representing India on an international platform.”

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“Being a model to me is not about gaining a big fan following for my own status and popularity, like most current models in Punjab, it is about using my platform to empower others, no matter what their size, skin colour or features are; they too can stand for something and bring about a positive change. I never had a role model! The farther I embark on my journey, the more I realise how plus size women in India are bodyshamed.”

“We are made to feel worthless just because we do not have the body our ‘society demands’ from us, to be perceived as beautiful! Hundreds of women contact me from India constantly asking as to where they can shop for their size. It baffles me to realise that in the current century and age women in India still have such a problem to face!,” she continued.

Bishamber feels that Ebay, with their latest plus size collection has given many women around the world an opportunity to buy anything they like and that too without someone telling them – Ma’am we don’t have you size or Ma’am I think you should start gyming! (trust me there are jerks who have the balls to say this on our face)

I am personally very happy that women like Bishamber are inspiring so many others who have somehow given up hope on losing those Xtra kilos and feel pathetic about their body everytime they look at themselves in the mirror. It’s time, each woman understands that beauty is certainly not about their size or shape!

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