Debutante Actor Ravinder As Jigar Brar Seems Quite Promising!

By | October 13, 2016

Mahie Gill has turned producer for the film ‘Aatishbaazi Ishq’ and has introduced a very promising new actor to the Punjabi industry.

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Playing the role of Jigar Brar in the movie, actor Ravinder is pretty pumped up for his debut release. Currently touring Punjab for his film’s promotions, Ravinder opened up about his personal life and his onscreen character, in the little while which we managed to steal from his busy schedule.


Here’s what we got to know about this long haired, chiseled jaw lined and awesomely well built body wala Punjabi munda :

  1. He is originally from Jammu and has also been a part of Grasim Mr. India.
  2. He has been a model as well but due to a financial glitch at the home front, he got into a private job.
  3. His school and college times have been spent in Mumbai.
  4. Ravinder and his ‘Aatishbaazi Ishq’ Director Amit Dhawan have been friends for quite some time.
  5. Ravinder got introduced to Mahie through Amit, during the time when Mavaad was in consideration and Ravinder managed to bag a prominent character in this short movie, which has won accolades on international level.
  6. Ravinder had to go through a proper audition process to get selected for Aatishbaazi Ishq.
  7. As far as his fitness is concerned, he is a very disciplined person who has always been a fitness freak.
  8. He will be seen as Jigar Brar, a wrestler, in the movie.
  9. To get into the skin of the character, Ravinder and Amit used to visit various akhadas in Ferozepur on a regular basis.
  10. Jigar Brar is a very raw character and to get his lingual essence Amit and Ravinder used to travel back and forth to Ferozepur from Chandigarh, just so that Ravinder could get an idea about the local language and it’s typicality.
  11. Jigar Brar happens to be from pind Wazirpur near Ferozepur and has a pretty stylish look in the film. He’s seen donning Kurtas with a pair of denims and shalwars along with a lot of accessories.
  12. This wrestler is shown as a very simple guy who has a mother and grand mother back home whom he adores.
  13. Away from drugs and alcohol this guy is a true friend who stands by his dear ones.
  14. His film career shows him to be an undisputed champion, a wrestler who has never lost a match.


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So, now that we know Ravinder the person and Jigar Brar the character, it will be interesting to see what happens when the trio Jigar Brar (Ravinder), Veera (Mahie Gill) and Fateh Grewal (Roshan Prince) come together on screen on 14th October for Aatishbaazi Ishq.

Here’s wishing this team all the very best.

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