Did You Know Badshah Was Looked Down Upon For Being Jobless!

By | October 25, 2016

“Year 2006, Us three were amongst the last few who weren’t placed in any national or multinational company yet. Being from a prestigious engineering college, it was a matter of shame. Probably the most looked down upon guys, not only in our class but maybe the whole college. Why? Simply because we had other dreams. Maybe we were not fit for our college, maybe our college wasn’t fit for us. Hard to put a finger on an exact reason. However there was a lot of pressure on us to crack this interview and get our self a JOB. Peer pressure, parental pressure, social pressure, imaginary girlfriends parental pressure, whatever. So we cracked the interview and got the ‘job’ because we were hustlers. ”

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“We had hustled our way through the four years of engineering without even being able to make a proper bending moment diagram. (My fellow civil and mechanical engineers would know what im talking about). We got the job and we were happy. Not because we got placed but because we were now immune to all the above mentioned pressures, we wouldn’t have to hear a single word about our incompetence and how we weren’t hard working.
Year 2007, i leave my well-paying job to pursue music professionally. Started from the bottom. Started from zilch. And now where i am is a different story. But my college and my friends, unknowingly, taught me the art of hustling, the art of survival and the importance of never giving up.”

In case this above said statement relates to you then there could be a reason that you are being forced to go through the tough times..maybe god has something else in store for you!

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No no not a saint, not a preacher but these words of wisdom have come from Aditya Singh aka Badshah. The common man turned Badshah of Rap, who is ruling the Bollywood charts with his smashing numbers was once a loser, just like any of us. He was looked down upon for not getting placed and thus the societal norms became a burden which gets to anyone’s creative killing.


But this guy stood tall and fought back but with his talent, and today he is the most sought after music producers for the biggies of B-town.

Here’s more from Badshah’s story, “The point is, life and god put you in situations that are against your wills and plans. The best thing that you could do at that moment is to learn to hustle and learn everything u can as much as u can. Because when it’s your time to shine, everything that you’ve learnt will help you shine 10 times brighter. And trust me; your time will most definitely come. God has planned everything. Until then, Keep Learning, And Keep Hustling.”


Aditya Singh graduated from P.E.C but could not get himself the much needed job which defines an engineer’s future and thus he was left with nothing but loka de taane and all the tichran that one can think of. But well, destiny favoured him and he managed to get himself a job in BBMB.

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After a few months his creative itch grew and he left the job to pursue his music career. Everyone thought that he had made the wrong decision but this guy believed in himself and most importantly knew his talent and his own worth. He struggled, got betrayed, and got himself quite a few haters as well but what matters now is that it was all a phase and today he is ruling the music industry.


Badshah fought his way through tough times, battled depression and today after all the hurdles he has become Badshah in it’s true sense.

Times have changed, an unplaced loser is being featured in the biggest of music videos and has travelled the world for his LIVE shows..all this and so much more.

Beat that…he is now on the alumni list for being the pride of PEC.


An ardent believer of Karma, this DJ Wale Babu Rapper doesn’t want attention through publicity stunts or controversial statements, he just works and gives his best with whatever he possibly can.

Aren’t we proud of him! ?

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