Did You Know: Sunny Leone Was Born To Sikh Parents As Karenjit Kaur Vohra!

By | September 24, 2016

Google baba confesses that she has been the most searched celebrity on internet and Sunny has undoubtedly been a controversial figure since the day she stepped into Bollywood, thanks to her association with the vaddeyan diyan filma ;-p

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Keeping that fact aside, we must say that this sizzling Indian-Canadian hottie has a loyal fan following in India and abroad.


Seeing her din ba din vadhda fame filmmaker Dilip Mehta has made a documentary on her life which has been titled Mostly Sunny. The documentary was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and received mixed reviews in Canada. While the film is scheduled for worldwide release in December, it will have its Indian premiere at MAMI Festival in October.

The two-hour documentary charts Leone’s journey from Karenjit of Ontario to her emergence as an adult star and finally, her breakthrough in Bollywood.


But how many of us actually knew that she was born as Karenjit Kaur Vohra in Sarnia, Ontario and that too to Sikh Punjabi parents??

Not many I’m sure!

Despite being one of the most renowned Indian-Canadian celebrities in the world, the Indian community in Sarnia does not accept Leone as their own. We all know how our community is and when it comes to choosing the profession which Sunny chose, it was natural that she’d be ostracized (after all that’s what’s so typical about our community haina!)


According to reports, when the Director of Mostly Sunny wanted to shoot at the gurudwara where Sunny Leone worshiped as a young child, the gurudwara authorities turned furious and even called the police.

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In an earlier interview with a publication, Sunny Leone had revealed that her relatives don’t talk to her at all. She said that she was precisely disowned and even after her repeated efforts of reconciliation, they did not accept her because of her choice of career.


She started pretty early! At the age of 13 her family moved to Michigan and then to California. In her late teens she assumed the screen name of Sunny Leone and became a successful actress in the adult film industry.

She was the Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003 and in 2010 Maxim magazine named her one of the top 12 porn stars. But Sunny Leone had more ambitions and she finally moved to India to act in Bollywood films, starting with the 2012 Jism 2, directed by Pooja Bhatt and produced by her father Mahesh Bhatt.

Sunny’s parents are both dead but we got to know that her father was actually from Chandigarh.

If you ever get to meet her and discuss her parents with her, she might just break down because each time she speaks about her family she breaks down.


She even has a brother named Sundeep Vohra, who is a chef by profession.

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For those who don’t know, her husband Daniel Weber calls her Karen ( the Americanised version of Karenjit) and not Sunny!


According to the director of Mostly Sunny, “Karenjit aka Sunny Leone is American and she is Canadian. She is America’s and Canada’s biggest export to India!”


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