Diljit Always Feels Nervous Before The Release Of His New Projects!

By | September 19, 2016

Diljit Dosanjh is excited about his upcoming single Do You Know. The Punjabi actor-singer, who has many hit songs, including Proper Patola and Goliyan, to his credit, says he always feels nervous before the release of any of his new projects.

“My attempt is to give the fans something new each time. When a song becomes a hit, it is tempting to cash in on the success, and repeat the formula. But I also want to attempt new kinds of songs. Packaging old wine in a new bottle is not a novel thing in the industry,” he says.

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Diljit was pleased with the success of ‘Ikk kudi’ from his film, Udta Punjab (UP), as he did not expect a song with “chaste Punjabi” to be loved by people across the country. “It was amazing to see the popularity of the song. How did people understand words such as saad muraadi and sohni phabbat?” asks the singer, who made his Hindi acting debut with UP, and was appreciated for his performance. Diljit adds that while he doesn’t take compliments seriously, “if someone points out a flaw[in him]”, he works on it.

Diljit also feels happy that many actors are turning to singing now. “People who have more than one talent should show it off. Aliaji (Bhatt) sang ‘Ikk kudi’ very well while Ayushmann (Khurrana) sir’s song, ‘Paani da’ is such a great song. I am his huge fan, as he sings well and acts well too,” he says.

Check out the audio teaser of his upcoming single ‘Do You Know’

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