Diljit Dosanjh Reveals A Secret About The Woman He Loves!

By | September 20, 2016

We all know that Diljit Dosanjh is a shy guy and many a times his co-actors have been pretty vocal about him being the quiet types.

Off lately he’s been promoting his upcoming single ‘Do You Know’ with full fervour and is all over the place for it. For all those who don’t know, this song’s video has been directed by Mark Staubach, the same guy who has worked with American rapper-singer Travie McCoy, four-time Grammy winner Bruno Mars, bassist-lyricist singer Pete Wentz and 12-time Grammy nominee one-time winner Lupe Fiasco and French Canadian pop-punk band, Simple Plan.

He began producing music videos at 19 and has overseen over 200 songs. Diljit’s song was filmed with over a week in Los Angeles in August. Diljit has an apartment in San Francisco and often travels to the US city while on his annual concert tour. That’s where this duo collaborated.

“I love international music and even though my English is terrible, I’ve always wanted to work with a foreign crew on a music video,” he told Mirror. “I d sent an email to the best video director I knew, Mark Staubach, sure that he would never reply to me. But Mark’s wife turned out to be a Bollywood buff who knew of Udta Punjab and my Punjabi music,” Diljit stated.

In July, Punjabi lyricist Jaani wrote a song and BPraak set “Don’t You Know” to tune for Diljit to croon. He sent the slow-paced Punjabi-English track to Mark, who was surprised by the romantic vibe and ‘Rhythm n’ Blues’ feel and immediately agreed to direct the video.

“He was hoping to use lots of dancers, do something really lively, since he associated the song with Bollywood. But when he heard the track, he changed his vision to something more personal,” admitted Diljit.

After all this info about the song, here’s the gossip that you’ve been waiting for!

Diljit admitted that the song is close to him because it’s all about how you tell the woman you love your feelings for her.

“It’s actually like I’m singing advice to myself because I have never been able to tell any woman how I really feel about her,” revealed Mr.Dosanjh.

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