Here’s What Makes A Punjabi Wedding So Typical And You Just Can’t Miss It!

By | November 6, 2016

If you are going to attend a Punjabi wedding then you’re in for a treat and in case you plan to skip it then baiii…galti kr bethoge!

P.S: Foodies and dancers just can’t afford to miss a Punjabi wedding and here’s why!

Punjabi weddings aren’t just perfect celebrations but also real , lavish and beautiful!!

The Biggest Bar Ever: There’s a normal bar and then there’s that Sharab di Gaddi!! yes the Car-o-bar with daaru di petiyan in the dikki which sees more snacks being served there than the entire guests at the venue!

Punjabis are the most talented Dancers and Rappers: As the DJ changes the song we have these Rappers singing along line by line “Baby tu hai Oscar toh Main bhi Leonardo ik na ik din tujhe paa he luga.” with that face..ohhhh…and then there’s this sudden change of step with a dhol beat and then every male on the floor raises his leg to be a part of that dance step..Talent bharpoor! (guess the Dance India Dance people need to start fitting cams near the Punjabi wedding dance floors)

The Non Dancer’s Balle Balle Group : Now this group wants to dance but doesn’t know anything other than Balle Balle!! Simply raising their hands in the air all that they do is a fast and slow motion balle balle which kinda becomes the International step for the whole wedding. You might even get lucky when some one after a peg or two even starts off with the age old yet EPIC naagin dance! (hisssssssss)

punjabi wedding


The Note Vaaroing and Watching who’s watching the currency value: Good dancer, bad dancer, old couple or be it the newly weds on the floor, there’s always going to be this someone who will showing their love by showering the currency over you! It’s basically called note vaarne and trust me the moment they take the note out of their pocket they circulate it in slow motion for the world to see ke main 500 da note vaareya ya 1000 da ;-p (Psst: Try collecting that and you might end up giving your rent for a month)

punjabi wedding

Butter Chicken –Butter Paneer-Butter and MORE Butter : Your entire life just seems to be surrounded with nothing else but butter. Though the humongous amount of snacks that get served at Punjabi weddings is amazing so all that you need is just leave your diet plan dimaag at home and enjoy the delicious butter chicken with butter naan with some extra butter.

punjabi wedding

A Week Long Celebration : If you want to relish a Punjabi wedding you just have to take a week’s off because we have too many functions and you shouldn’t miss out on even one.

punjabi wedding

Dholi, the most important person for that perfect beat: No matter who your DJ is but a typical Punjabi wedding is not complete till the time someone sings the Boliyan for the crowd. That segment has the most significant role in every wedding. It all starts with “Baari Barsi Khatan Geya Si…” and ulitmately ends when munde de veer come on the dance floor!(scope hee ni bchda mudke fer kise hor de nachan da)

punjabi wedding

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