“Honey Singh Changed The Taste & Feel Of Music” – Sukhbir

By | September 12, 2016

After his globally Hit ‘Gal Ban Gayi’ was sabotaged in a recent version, singer Sukhbir opened up about his songs being a misfit for the industry.

While talking to HT, the Ishq Tera Tadpave singer confessed that though he’s been working pretty hard in terms of his songs but somehow things didn’t really work for him. He even said that out of them all Mika emerged as a lucky one.

“We are not sitting ideal, we are making and supplying songs, but things are not working. It’s about luck. I think Mika got lucky. There are people who are lucky and some are not,” he said.

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Sukhbir even said that he knows quite a few renowned actors from B-town and has even helped many and given songs to them, but things haven’t worked out as per his expectation, “May be the song did not fit in.”

Complimenting Yo Yo Honey Singh for his contribution towards changing the way music has been made in this industry, Sukhbir said, “We are going through a nice phase. I think Honey Singh changed the taste and feel of music and it’s good.”

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“Change is much needed. We are going through melody, beat, rap. Old songs are recreated with new swag and it’s good,” he added

Don’t we totally agree with him on the fact that change is much needed?

Here’s the original version of Gal Ban Gayi:

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