It’s ‘Yeh’ Not ‘Jeh’ Like All Punjabis Say It, Even Dara Singh Was No Different!

By | December 10, 2016

The commonest mistake that Punjabis do while talking in Hindi is the ‘J’ effect!

Words like yeh, yahan, yun hee, zikar, zor, etc are always pronounced wrongly for instance yeh becomes jeh, zikar becomes jikr and so on. Have we ever noticed this mistake??

Well, Dara Singh did.

Dara Singh’s filmy journey began in the year 1952 with a film called The World. He played a wrestler in it. The same year, he was offered a role in Sangdil, starring Dilip Kumar and Madhubala. Many more movies came his way and by the year 1956, Dara had already done more than four films, but was still in his comfort zone.

He was cast in films thanks to his physique and his standing as Rustam-E-Hind, the world champion.

dara singh

But, his first brush with challenges was in the year 1956. He faced the legendary comedian Bhagwan Dada and in the film, he had a one-line dialogue which got him nervous.

What was it?

‘Chhod do! Jeh kya kar rahe ho?’ (Let go! What are you doing?) Dara had indeed delivered a Hindi dialogue, but in a thick Punjabi accent!

The director screamed, ‘Cut!’ and after hollering several times in the same fashion, he gave up and moved on to the next scene, saying that they’d get him to dub the line later. Thereafter the canning of the wrestling scene had proceeded apace, and was completed on the same day.

This got Dara a sleepless night. He couldn’t figure out what went wrong. Going over the day’s events, he said to Ajit Singh, his friend and fellow-wrestler, ‘I spoke the line correctly. Then why did the director not okay the take?’

Ajit soothed him down by saying that we are wrestlers and we don’t care about diction and dialogues. While dubbing the next day, Dara finally discovered the problem. That simple, one-line dialogue was not so simple after all. Dara in his Punjabi-trained tongue had repeatedly pronounced the ‘yeh’ as ‘jeh’.

dara singh

Dara, rehearsed, repeated and finally gained confidence. He said to the recordist, ‘Okay, I got it. Let’s record.’

Bus fer ki si, an enthusiastic Dara faced the mike. ‘Chhod do! Jeh kya kar rahe ho?’

Oh no! He thought. Why can’t I get it right in the final take.

This went on repeatedly, until finally Dara just gave up thinking, Who cares? Acting is not my profession, nor do I want to become a famous actor.

Finally, a dubbing artist was called to dub his ‘troublesome’ one liner!


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