Kanwaljeet Singh and Navneet Nishan To Be Seen Together On TV!

By | October 16, 2016
Veteran actors Kanwaljeet Singh and Navneet Nishan who were a part of almost all the Punjabi films in the 90s are now coming back and this time on Sony SABs ‘Dil De Ke Dekho’.

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Both the actors are playing interesting characters Tulsi Chopra and Hridaynath Shastri, where Kanwaljeet’s character will try and woo Navneet’s character using the traditional method of roothna manana.
Thanks to their years of professional career together, they are often seen conversing in Punjabi on the sets when the director calls for a break. The actors have an extraordinary chemistry off screen which translates on screen and will make the viewers fall in love with them.
As per the plot the oldest character Hridayanath Shastri a widower, gives a second chance to love at this stage of life and tries to woo his neighbor Tulsi Chopra who is an ex- stuntwoman from Bollywood.

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Kanwaljeet Singh who plays Hridaynath Shastri said, “It is always fun working with Navneet and the audiences will enjoy our on screen chemistry. I am playing the character of Hridaynath who fall in love with his neighbor Tulsi. The rest of the story will see his struggle to woo his lady love.”
Navneet Nishan who plays Tulsi Chopra said, “Tulsi Chopra is a rough and tough woman who was a stuntwoman in her younger days and still uses some of the stunts in her day to day life. Her neighbor the very simple Hridaynath falls in love with her and tries his best to win her affections. However, Tulsi is playing hard to get. Kanwaljeet is my favorite costar and it is always a pleasure to share scree space with him because he is a fabulous actor.”
–Associated Press

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