Lamborghini Is The ‘Shittiest’ Song We’ve Heard In The Year 2016!

By | October 31, 2016

How in the world can people record such stuff and then have the guts to even make such bizarre videos for the world to see and wonder – aah namoone kitho farh ae ne!

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Wait..sabto pehla…watch this video to understand the level of mental shock that it has given me and then come back to read what’s next cs you’ll be able to relate more only after watching this piece of crap.

The song proudly tells us that this kartoot has been bde maan naal conducted by some guy called Maddy Thakur and there’s a featuring artist by the name of Decor as well. Released on a god forsaken channel called Legendary records, this song has been musically (my foot) composed by some rabb jaane kehda Rick.

Lamborghini would commit suicide after watching this song herself (poor car di ehni bezti krti ke hun ta naam v lena agge to es gaddi da)

A super skinny bebo Rishika is shown to be money minded and falls for Sunil who photoshops his pictures with a laggjhurius car (dumb kudi nu eh v ni pta k asli dikhdi kiven di aa). Adding glamour to the video is an intimate scene which happens in the most absurdly ugly manner and ends in the guy driving to her in a Swift (Bwahahahaha kamliye jado ai si tdo paidal si jo hun gaddi dekh ke muh bngya teraaa!)

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Don’t miss out the last scene of the video jithe sahmne valeya de dhuppe pae kapde vi keher dhaa rhe ne..

Rabba! Please save our Punjabi industry from such idiots!

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