Lock Review : Finally A Movie That Has Courageously Emerged From Typicality!

By | October 13, 2016

Let’s come straight to the point, in case you are looking for a typical Punjabi rural set up in this movie OR if you think that this one is going to be yet another love story then you might be disappointed. For watching films like these one needs to have a brain which understands the basic fact that cinema is not always a portrayal of things and situations which are rosy red, sometimes film makers have to dive into filth to make people realise that there is another side to life which also needs attention, and what better way than cinema!

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Lock, a film directed by Smeep Kang, the man known for his rib tickling comedy, is majorly the story of four characters – Gill (Smeep) , Bhola (Gippy Grewal), Harpal Singh (Gurpreet Ghuggi) and a girl (Geeta Basra). None of the characters is a lead therefore the funda of lead starcast has been defied. Smeep, with Lock, has in a way said it out loud – “Main sirf comedy hee nahi hor vi bdi trah diyan films bna sakda okay!

The story starts from Gill and Bhola, ropes in a bike mechanic, two of Gill’s friends and a script writer. Moving forward, a girl steps in. That’s where things start moving. Circumstances become such that the life of all these characters gets intertwined. But what exactly happens?? (Oh ta film dekh ke hee lagu pta)

lock review

Let’s talk about the performances…Smeep Kang has proved that he’s a great actor besides being a pro at direction. Playing the father of a college going girl, his character could be an eye opener for many such real life people who get carried away at times.

Gippy Grewal, with every film, has shown tremendous improvement. In Lock, yet again this actor has proved that he can carry off serious roles and yet sound funny ( where needed) with much ease. After Lock, I could totally understand as to why Gippy jumped into the movie for a role besides being only offered only the Producer’s hat. He has emerged as one of the most gutsy actors around who has the impulse to carry such experimental films on his shoulders. Probably because he has emerged from the typical mentality of box office returns and has matured towards making diverse cinema for his viewers. We totally applaud the fact that atleast there is some one in the Punjabi industry who is walking the path of those creative people who have given the world content rich films such as Parched, Masaan, Slumdog Millionaire, etc.

lock review

Geeta Basra has outdone herself with this film. The look and voice of her character have been precisely taken care of and that too very well, which makes it pretty believable.

lock review

Gurpreet Ghuggi as a script writer is perfect. In fact he is such a treat for the eyes – Always. His ease of dialogue delivery and not to forget, his tremendous jodi with Gippy is a win win situation for both the actors. Their timing is just so perfect together!

lock review

Karamjit Anmol, Gurpreet Toti and all the supporting actors of the movie have justified their characters pretty well. In fact, none of the actors have been cast without a reason..each one has his own little story which unfolds with every passing minute.

lock review

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Here are some points that stood out from everything else:

  1. The ‘problem in Punjabi industry’ which Gurpreet Ghuggi is seen discussing with the Director in the movie (you’ll know who, when you see Lock) is a face off for many. This is the most common issue that this industry suffers from, yet no one wants to talk about it openly because it’s got to do with the people with money bags! (Kudos to the team for talking upfront about it)
  2. The wanna be, tag along actresses who give an array of flops but still keep bagging roles – Here’s a straight chaped for all the kartoota that you keep doing! (bndiya bann jo)
  3. The dialogues that made me laugh indecently loud (jhallpuna ta khilarna hee hunda na main..lols) were – “O aa auto kehde bhaiye da bai” Bwahahahahahahaah…and also the one which says “Main ta chaa naal vi hun band ni khana” ROFL
  4. There are not one or two but many such times throughout the movie when one feels – O teri..twist!
  5. The End – Fantastic!
  6. Sippy Gill’s pair of denims throughout – Obnoxious! ?

Films like ‘Lock’ show that content rich movies can be made in our industry as well. It is an effort to add the much needed diversity to our Punjabi cinema which is so overdone with in numerous films on jattism, baseless comedy and yeah the recent trend being the rural set up!

lock review

‘Lock’ kind of movies from our Punjabi industry can stand tall with Bollywood films like “Pink”!

Lock Rating :  3.5 /5 and an extra 0.5 for the ending (you’ll know why we gave a bonus to the end, when you watch it)

which makes it – **** (4/5)

Lock is a powerful film that deserves to be seen and appreciated so that our regional cinema breaks through the typicality of our own mind set! (a pat on the back for the producers for investing in such projects)

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