Manj Musik Soon To Bring In The Punjabi Billboard!!

By | September 14, 2016

In a recent interview with a publication, Manjeet Ral popularly known as Manj Musik, opened up about his upcoming projects and also his clothing line.

But what’s the Punjabi Billboard that he’s bringing in??

According to the Lakk Hilaade Music Producer, Punjabi Billboard is his way of showing gratitude to his community.

“It’s an album dedicated to Punjab and our struggles and how we have risen to be where we are today.  I’m looking at roping in a few global acts to feature on the album and maybe have a big tour with everyone called Punjab Nation Live where we will tour across the world.”

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Talking about the Sunny Leone starrer Marr Gaye, he said, “Marr Gaye was actually an independent single for Nindy. It was in our databank for a while and she was about to shoot the video. But then Zee Music approached us and offfered to shoot it with Sunny Leone. Nindy intentionally decided not to feature in the video because she wanted Sunny to be in the spotlight and make the song go viral so Raftaar and I shot the video with Sunny.”

Ever wondered how he manages to stay so stylish all the time?? Well, that’s because he has his own clothing brand!

Manj and his wife Nindy have collectively been working on it for the past one year and according to Manj, he has personally designed every piece and hand selected the fabric.

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By the way, for those who don’t know how this talented music producer’s journey has been, then let me tell you that he started out with playing at the Gurudwara to being a DJ to singing his first song Aaja Mahi and then he landed his first Bollywood break with “Rafta Rafta”, under the guidance of Akshay Kumar who helped him break into the mainstream commercial business with a distinct sound.

Lastly, the one thing which he said and we totally agree with him on it is that, “Audiences need to wake up to the fact that good music has a lot to do with the lyrics and the composition.”

HERE‘s more from the interview for you.

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