Money Raised From Sale Of ‘Nashe’ Will Go To Sikh Youth UK!

By | September 20, 2016

In an effort to tackle addiction problems within the Punjabi Sikh community, a UK-based Sikh community group named Sikh Youth UK have released a new song titled ‘Nashe’, based around drug use.

The song, which is available to buy from  was funded by Sikh Youth UK, with their long-time supporter and legend of the bhangra industry Nirmal Sidhu providing the vocals. All money raised from the sale of this song will go back to Sikh Youth UK for their community work.

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Sikh Youth UK work across Britain providing support to Sikhs affected by issues such as grooming, addiction and more.

Earlier this year Deep Singh, one of the senior volunteers of the organisation, received an Outstanding Volunteer award from Sandwell Council for his work in the Birmingham area.

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Deep Singh said of the song, “We wanted to find a way to reach out to as many people as possible with our message. There is an epidemic of the use of hard drugs across Punjab, whilst even overseas drug use is very common among Punjabis.” 

A video for the song, created by Robin Sidhu and Deep R Dee, was shot in both Punjab and Birmingham.

Deep added, “Nirmal Sidhu has always been a supporter of our work and agreed to help us get this message out through music. We hope to not only raise money so we can continue to do our community work but also to send a message out about the dangers of drug use. Every day we come across people that have had their lives ruined through drugs. We handle this by encouraging people to follow the Sikh faith, as our motto is Sikhi saves lives.”

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