Motor Mitran Di Might Emerge As Biggest Punjabi Film This Year End!

By | September 17, 2016

Being a dubbing artist I happen to meet a lot of people behind the camera, especially during the film’s post production phase.

Motor Mitran Di, Amitoj Maan’s directorial venture is currently being dubbed at a studio in Mohali and I happened to bump into him there.

Bus fer ki si…the journalist in me started asking him questions. He disclosed a few secrets about the movie and I was personally very excited after I heard the details. Motor Mitran Di was shot during summers and the entire shoot was completed in nearly 42 days.

What’s the subject of the film?? Well..Mann didn’t tell me the exact storyline but he did hint at the fact that it’s an issue based film. When I poked him a little more he said, “This is an issue of immense concern in Punjab and because of that I even wanted that the film should be released before the elections of 2017!” Aisa kya??

motor mitran di

Yup, he said that the film is centered around a few characters that get involved one after the other because of this issue and the dealing that the characters have done with the issue will appeal a lot to the viewers.

The Director even made sure the actors are given workshops before the final take happens (trust me not many do this). This film is a multi-starrer and features Yograj Singh, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Happy Raikoti, Vikram Singh, Sonia Mann, Sardar Sohi, Harsharan Singh besides others.

Amitoj clarified that this film does not have a lead pair funda because it is a character based and screenplay based movie which has every character linked to each other in some or the other way. I happened to sneak into the dubbing room to catch a glimpse of the movie and saw Yograj Singh onscreen, dressed in a unique avatar (I so wanna tell you but koina let’s wait till the team discloses that). All I can say is that he’s never ever looked this way before in any of his movies.

Motor Mitran Di has comedy too but as per Mr. Maan it is situational. Gurpreet Ghuggi, as per Amitoj, has done a tremendous job in the film and his situational comic dialogues will make the audiences laugh but in each such scene there will a message communicated in a light hearted manner. He also revealed that the motor word in the title has nothing to do with the pind wali motor but a vehicle (bus).

I asked him ke sir Vikram hasn’t got the Punjabi lingua appropriate (25 kille was the proof) then why him and he laughed and said you should watch him in this movie. “When Harbhajan Mann and Sarabjit Cheema came on screen in Haani, people were stunned by their transformation. Vikram too has worked hard for this one and will surely impress the audiences.” (I personally loved Haani) He said the same for Happy Raikoti, who will be playing a very important character in the film.

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Sonia Mann, on the other hand fitted well into the character so was cast. Sonia once told me that Amitoj Mann is a perfectionist and is very particular about the addak and tippi during the dialogue dubbing, so is he this way or not??

“Each diacritic makes a lot of difference in the way we deliver a dialogue. In Punjabi language, especially, if the dialect is improper then the essence of the whole film goes for a toss and I will never let that happen to my projects.”

The film has pure regional Punjabi touch and the Director says that it belongs to Punjab because if it doesn’t have the essence of the region it represents, then there’s absolutely no point in making such regional cinema (very true!).

What impressed me about Amitoj Mann’s directorial self was that he takes cinema very seriously and knows what he wants from his actors. He’s not one of those people who come to the set unprepared and then crib that the actors know nothing. It’s the director’s job to make the actor get into his character else, the director need not be there.

I must confess that after this recent chit chat, I’ve turned a fan of Amitoj Mann and my inner instinct says that Motor Mitran Di might turn out to be the PK of Punjabi cinema and could give many films releasing this year end, a very tough competition.

The team said that the release date shall be announced soon so let’s wait to see when this bomb of a film will bombard the box office.

(We even did quite a few chugliyan but that’s all off-record :-p)


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