PINK Has Put Me Among ‘Good Actors’: Kirti Kulhari

By | November 22, 2016

Gaining headlines for her commendable performance in Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s PINK, Kirti Kulhari believes that her comeback movie has helped her make a mark in the industry. A big fan of Big-B, to her the movie was a chance to know the on-screen Shahenshah not just as an actor but also as a person. The B-Town diva, who made her big-screen debut with ‘Khichdi: The Movie‘ is very open to Punjabi films in future, if offered a good role.

Ghaint Punjab in conversation with the actress on her acting journey and the kind of work she is looking forward to do:

How has life changed after Pink with Big-B. Were you nervous during the shoot?

When I started my career in Bollywood, I don’t think I even dreamed of working with Amitabh Bachchan. When I signed PINK, I didn’t know that Mr. Bachchan is a part of the project. I was told about it much later and I was absolutely overwhelmed. Sharing screen space with him in a film like PINK is another thing altogether.  The film was extremely close to our hearts, and with each passing day, we could feel that the movie is becoming something else. I was very fortunate to get to know Amitabh sir in a professional as well as personal way. He is an amazing actor to work with. And he was super sweet to all of us. There was so much to learn from him, such as ‘never take success for granted’ and ‘how to be a giving and caring co-actor’. Have too many reasons to be thankful for PINK.


You returned to screen with Pink almost after two years. What kept you away from the film industry?

What kept me away is not getting the kind of work I would have liked to do. Meanwhile, I kept doing lot of theater and then PINK happened.. And because I never stopped working on myself as an actor, it all showed in PINK and it was for everyone to see and acknowledge.

What kind of films are you looking forward to do in future? Any plans of doing a comedy?

I don’t really plan my career.., because it’s never in your hands. You just have to be ready. After PINK, expectations from me as an actor are big but I am doing my best to not be pressurized by any of that and choosing roles and films which challenge me further as an actor and a person.  I started with ‘Khichdi’ which was full on  comedy and more than ever, It will be nice to balance out the seriousness in my films with a comedy now ? and I hope it comes my way soon.

Being a Post Graduate in Journalism, does it sometimes get on your nerves to read what media writes about celebs?

Well, I am not very happy about the way journalism is treated in our country now. It’s rarely about saying “the truth” and mostly about manipulating facts to suit everyone. There were times, when being a “journalist” was very respectable and people gave it their all. Except for a handful now, everyone is just doing it without real passion for it and misusing its power for personal gratification and satisfying everyone around.

Has anyone ever written something which really steamed you up?

I haven’t been written about too much as of now. But I don’t like it when people don’t get basic facts right.  But then I am told to not get too bothered by these things. Let’s see, how it goes. I am quite new to this world.

So, what’s next up your sleeve?

I am soon going to start shooting for Madhur Bhandarkar’s next movie called ‘INDU SARKAR’ set in 1975 during the time of ‘Emergency’, where I am playing the title role.

You’ve been a part of Punjabi music videos, the recent one being Hik Vich Jaan by Gippy Grewal, weren’t you ever offered a role in this industry?

I have been. And am very open to Punjabi films even today but something really mind blowing has to come my way. ?

● What’s your take on the growing popularity of Punjabi films these days?

I think Punjabi films have always had their own market but that market seems to be growing in size day by day and there are some very good Punjabi films being made… Songs have always been loved by everyone across anyway but the films are also getting their due. It will be great to see more of very good content Punjabi films. Like everywhere else, CONTENT is the real hero of films.

Turning Point in your career?

No doubt its PINK,PINK… PINK


● ‘There are no Best Friends in any industry’. Your take on this?

I do not agree with that. There are enough people in the industry who have best friends from the industry. I have some very close friends too.

● Pink was a critically acclaimed film and such films generally get actors into a segment, are you facing the same?

All that PINK has done for me is put me in the category of “good actors” and am more than happy to be a part of it. All its doing for me is getting me good roles and scripts.

Getting personal, are you committed or single?

I am married!

● Your definition of Success?

It’s really the other side of failure. Don’t take either of them seriously. Enjoy it but know “this too shall pass“. Do your best. That’s all that matters.

Define Kriti’s personality

I am still in the process of finding” who I am“.


● Kriti’s birthday
Its May 30

Something you love doing in your free time

I love watching films

● Your favorite cuisine

All kinds of Indian cuisine.

Your dream destination


● The best thing you like about yourself
My honesty

How you tackle work pressure

By doing things that I love and being with people whom I love

● Whom do you consider as a competition for yourself in the industry

Everyone yet No one

● Your dream role

There are too many

Body-shaming to you is?

They are simply projecting their own complexes, and non-acceptance of how they are, on to the others.

Pink or Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Which one would you choose if offered the lead role?

Its PINK anytime.

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