Punjabi Singer Gurnazar Chattha To Collaborate With Diljit Dosanjh??

By | September 29, 2016

The Chandigarhians are very well acquainted with the name Gurnazar Chattha because since a couple of years his voice has made many dance out their souls to his melodies.

A former skateboarder, Gurnazar picked up a guitar and started his musical journey, after which there was simply no looking back. Since the age of 22, he managed to perform shows wherever opportunities knocked. Like several young hungry musicians, Gurnazar utilised popular songs and covered the originals in ways that gradually invited more shows on his doors.

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Gurnazar gradually grew beyond Punjabi’s musician and received opportunities for live performances from other regions. The associations with Speed Records helped Gurnazar collaborate with Diljit Dosanjh, where the former would be heard playing guitar.

Here’s a snippet posted on social media:

Gurnazar and Diljit have finished the song’s shoot and now this young musician is on his way to perform at the Bollywood Music Project, Mumbai.

The frontman of his band, Gurnazar’s Bollywood Music Project performance tomorrow would feature three songs in Hindi, three songs in Punjabi and a couple of cover tracks. The inevitable, now, begins for Gurnazar. The exposure to Bollywood, the entry to the world of interviews, fan interactions, association with brands, and so on and so forth awaits the former skateboarder. However, these aspects do not find any place in his priorities.

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Before Gurnazar boarded his flight, he innocently asks, “Paaji, I would be performing at 2 pm. Would there be an audience when it’s so sunny and hot?”

Wishing this Punjabi talented munda all the very best for his upcoming performances!

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