Ranjit Bawa’s Car Stopped Amidst The Road By Fans, Things Turn Ugly!

By | November 1, 2016

This isn’t the first time such an incident has taken place. Ranjit Bawa’s car was stopped in the middle of the road by a crowd and the driver had to speed up the vehicle to get away, seeing the way things were turning up.

(Singer Kulwinder Billa’s Facebook Page Hacked & Deleted!)

Here’s the video which is going viral:

One can clearly hear abuses and see that the boot of the car was also opened.

When we got in touch with the artist, one of his spokesperson’s replied in the most astonishingly rude way, “Banda jad vdda ho janda ta fans eda hee krde hunde. Tusi log pta ni kyon es khabar nu chak rhe ho.”

Well, surprisingly we called to confirm whether the news of the attack was true or not and we wanted to condemn the behavior of such fanatic fans but after seeing this attitude of the artist’s team we are really taken aback..They didn’t even feel that this was worthy of a mention..kehnde koi vaddi gal nahi aa! Also, he clarified that the word ‘attack’ isn’t appropriate here, “eh ta fans ne apne star naal photoan khichaona chahnde ne.

A few days ago a similar fan incident had led to a tragic accident of the popular video director Parmish Verma. Yes, this fanatic behavior and that too for a social media selfie isn’t acceptable, it might lead to road disasters but what was even worse is the way this artist’s team spoke to us over the phone.


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