Raw Talent Alert! This Girl Nails The Song “Nitt Di Narazgi Teri”

By | November 29, 2016

Punjab is full of raw talent and this young girl is a LIVE example to prove me right!

(Here’s Why These Two Punjabi Songs Should Be Banned!)

Standing on the road, she sings a Punjabi song “Nitt Di Narazgi Teri” and her loud and soulful voice keeps us glued to this video.

Check it out:

We can hear cars passing by, she seems to be standing on a flyover!

Kudos girl! Bahut sohna gaya ?

(Parmish Verma’s Car Meets An Accident, People Say He’s Dead!)

By the way this one is originally sung by Aarsh Benipal and is musically composed by Rupin Kahlon.

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