RJ Bassi Infuriates Punjabi Students In Canada By Making Anti-Remarks!

By | November 26, 2016

A recent update coming all the way from Canada has stirred anger amongst global Punjabis towards a Toronto based RJ who made unkind remarks on his radio show while conversing with a caller.

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A lot of Punjabi students have raised their voice against this Punjabi Radio Channel and it’s host Joginder Bassi for criticising international students from Punjab in his recent show. Social media uploads in the form of videos expressing their anger and posts with hate comments have started circulating in large numbers against this RJ.

But what exactly happened??

Well, in the video of the said radio show, a woman calls up host Joginder Bassi to share her complaints against the increasing number of Punjabi students and suggested banning them.

Reacting to her views, Bassi said that international girl students from Punjab are clever as their only aim is to find a boy with permanent residency so as to get married to them and become a Canadian citizen.

Though their families in Punjab are busy pacifying them by the policy of ignorance but well..eh kithe mande ne! Punjabiyat de khilaaf ta ik shabd vi gavara nahi sanu..Grrrrr

Meanwhile, there are also videos where students have appealed to all, to remain calm. These videos state that bad apples are everywhere and ignoring them is the best solution.

The radio host Bassi shared on his Facebook page that he has received hate calls from students for the said statement.

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On Friday, by inviting one of the students to his show, Bassi appealed the students’ community to shed away their anger as no statement was made to hurt them.

Bassi remained unavailable for any comment on the issue despite repeated attempts.

There’s a petition started by a Punjaban against this intolerant RJ, click HERE to sign it.

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