Sarvann Opening Day Collections Much Lower Than Angrej & Love Punjab

By | January 14, 2017

Amrinder Gill, Ranjit Bawa and Simi Chahal starrer Sarvann opened in Australia & New Zealand at figures much lower than the 2016 releases Angrej and Love Punjab starring Amrinder.

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Let’s see how much was the first day box office collection of these 3 movies and analyse the problem as to why Sarvann fell flat on the face!

The figures can be approximate and we do not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film(s)Evident from the table, Love Punjab saw the biggest change in pattern with the opening collection of 27,862 AUS$ which increased manyfold on the second day in Australia, i.e., 80,817 AUS$.

In New Zealand, the movie opened at a handful of 2,554 NZ$ but jumped to 31,915 NZ$ on the second day.

Angrej opened in both these countries on Friday and managed to collect 38,244 AUS$ in Australia and 6883 NZ$ in New Zealand, respectively.

Besides delivering a blockbuster movie such as Love Punjab in 2016, Amrinder Gill starrer Punjabi flick Sarvann only managed to gather 4,052 NZ$ in New Zealand on the opening day whereas, in Australia, the film managed to gather 34,650 AUS$.

What could be the reason??

Lets analyse:

Probably the audience connect went missing! – With international icon Priyanka Chopra jumping into the picture, Sarvann saw a lot of promotion happening on various national platforms such as The Kapil Sharma show and the trailer also opened with full pomp and show by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but on the contrary the ground connect went missing. We should never forget that people of Punjab and Punjabis worldwide need to be told that this is their movie rather than promoting the fact that it is Priyanka Chopra’s debut production! (Frankly kise nu koi mtlb nahi es gal naal, they are more bothered to see their culture and their own stories onscreen, as in Angrej and Love Punjab)

(Amberdeep Singh’s Debut Production Is Titled Lahoriye)

Punjabi overseas audiences love to have their actors interact with them, be it in the form of premiere or radio programme or a simple conference. The conference only happened in Canada and the other countries might have felt ignored (probably)

Baaki, one thing for sure, not all movies are a success and Ranjit Bawa’s debut movie as an actor (Toofan Singh couldn’t release so..) cannot be termed as an audience favourite. Amrinder Gill is a global star so we are sure that he won’t be too affected by the movie’s fate and Simi Chahal already has her hands full so let’s see whether the fresher duo manage to conquer the Punjabi market with their 2017 movie line up.

As for Amrinder Gill, you’ll always be a favourite of the Punjabi industry.

Sarvann Movie Review shall be shared soon…

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