Savita Bhatti Receives Special Honour At Melbourne Parliament

By | September 17, 2016

Savita Bhatti, wife of our beloved Jaspal Bhatti sir, was in Melbourne and received the prestigious Special Achievement award from the Hon. Speaker at Parliament House, Melbourne, during her stay there.

Here are the pictures:

savita bhatti savita bhatti

Savita Bhatti was in Melbourne for stage play titled Saanu Kee, Suzanne Cory Auditorium, along with stand up comedians Amit Tandon and Meheep Singh. The trio entertained the audiences quite a lot, take a look ?

While in Melbourne, she received an invitation for the Australian Indian History Exhibition 2016 which was held from 12th September till 16th September at Queens Hall, Parliament House, Melbourne.

The motive of this exhibition was to highlight the contribution of Sikh ancestors in the overall development of Australia. As per historians Len Kenna and Crystal Jordan, Sikhs reached Australia many years ago (1788 precisely) but their contribution towards Australian progress was never highlighted as it all got overshadowed due to British rule.

Len Kenna and Crystal Jordan have been researching Australian Indian History for over 25 years and to promote their research, in 2012, the Gurudwaras in Victoria formed the group Australian Indian Historical Society Inc. The basic motive of this society is ‘to give Indians in Australia a knowledge of the importance of their Australian Heritage and to help reduce racism by creating awareness of this history to all Australians by including all Indians of all ethnic backgrounds.’

They invited Mrs. Savita Bhatti as a special guest and graced her with the Special Achievement Award, which was handed over in the presence of Hon. Robin Scott, Khalil Eideh MP, Consulate General Manika Jain and Member of Parliament (Parliament of Victoria) Telmo Languiller.

Here are some more pictures:

We congratulate Mrs. Bhatti for this honour and also would like to applaud the efforts of AIHS for highlighting Sikh contributions in Australia.

Pictures courtesy: Planet M Studios

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