This Guy Got Thrown Off The Building For Demanding Extra Onions!

By | September 30, 2016

This could be termed as the most shocking incident relating to onions!

Shamsher Singh, a truck driver was thrown off the third flower of a building after he ran upstairs to save his life from the swords and daggers of the dhaba owners, that too because apparently this foodie wanted some extra onions with his dinner.

Shamsher has sustained serious injuries after being thrown off and was immediately rushed to GMCH-32 Chandigarh, where his stated to be critical.

According to the victim, he was having dinner at Punjabi Dhaba last night and asked for an onion from a dhaba worker. On repeating the same order, the owner of the dhaba and the worker started arguing with him which lead to a fight.

Later that night, the dhaba owner, along with two others, went to the place where Shamsher was staying and were fully armed with swords and daggers. Scared for his life Shamsher ran upstairs but to his ill fate that was not the best best thing to do!

 Ik vaar fer to confirm kr rhe aa…all this happened just because of some extra serving of onions!! Whaaaaaat the hell is happening to this world??

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