This Time It’s The Groom Shot In The Head With Celebratory Fire!

By | December 14, 2016

In yet another case of accidental misfire at weddings, the groom gets shot in the head by a guest when he’s negotiating a deal with his saalis on reaching the venue!

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This incident took place in Hisar, Haryana, 100 miles northwest of New Delhi. According to reports, the groom was shot in the head by a guest as soon as the wedding party reached the venue.

A video footage that captures the whole incident shows a happy groom suddenly falling to the ground in a cloud of smoke, after the shot goes off.

Clearly, the shooter didn’t realise that shot hit the groom right in the head.

Luckily, the groom survived this deadly accident but what if he didn’t?? Who was to be blamed? The guy who shot him, the groom who agreed to fire shots at his wedding or yet again – Punjabi songs??

Celebratory firing at weddings and other public events is outlawed in India, but still remains common across the country so it’s us who can save ourselves and our loved ones.

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Think about it, ehdi jgah saada koi apna vi ho skda si!

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