This US State Will Soon Introduce Sikh History To Its School Curriculum!

By | October 27, 2016

Indiana is all set to become the second state in the United States to introduce Sikh history and culture into the public school curriculum. Indiana Superintendent Glenda Ritz voiced her commitment to ensuring resources on Sikh history are available to all Indiana teachers. She made the announcement at a SikhsPAC townhall meeting in Indianapolis, IN on Sunday.

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The current plan involves three major points of entry including 7th grade world history (Asia, Africa and the Middle East) and high school world history and elective world religion classes.

The first step for the agency involves distributing to instructional material to classroom teachers through the Indiana Department of Education’s recommended coursework lists. This includes everything from young adult fiction targeted towards elementary school reading classes to documentaries and textbooks.

In the longer term, the IDOE will revise social studies standards for those grade levels to include specific reference to Sikhs.

The plan also calls for developing the groundwork for Punjabi language courses in school districts with sufficient demand for the language.

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The Sikh Coalition offered vital support throughout these discussion through their extensive knowledge of age appropriate learning material on Sikh culture and history.


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