We Loved Ninja’s New Song But His Acting Skills Didn’t Impress Us!

By | December 21, 2016

We’ve been singing Amit Bhalla aka Ninja’s latest track ‘Oh Kyu Ni Jaan Ske’ since the moment it’s been released and are glad that he’s been giving us some real good stuff, keeping aside the typicales he released like Thokda Reha! 

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Have you seen it yet?

Watch the video and then let’s discuss what worried us after watching Ninja’s act in the video:

Yup the song’s really nice but throughout the video didn’t you feel that Amit’s expressions were a little too made up??

We don’t discuss such things for every video but this dude is soon making his film debut with Channa Mereya which is the remake of a blockbuster film!

Will he be able to justify the innocence/aggression of that love story??

We think he needs to be trained a lot for holding the expressions and not look fake even when he’s crying loud! That’s what acting is all about haina?

Now a lot many would question as to why we’ve pointed out this actor and not others even though some of them are hopeless as actors??

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Off course you may as us this swaal and even get angry but usto pehla aggey parhlo ki likhya!

After all, Ninja’s got a huge fan following but our reply to this question is simple. We criticise those whom we see potential in. We have high hopes from this actor and really don’t want to be let down by any excuse such as, the Director didn’t offer workshops or that he wasn’t that ready for his debut film.

By the way the shoot for Channa Mereya is on in full swing and Pankaj Batra has roped in a new face for his project. Let’s hope that this actress introduces some freshness to our Punjabi female actresses category which seems to have gone for a toss at the moment. (Only Sargun and Simi can be termed as actresses presently, baaki ta bus soortan ne!)

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