Wedding Special: 10 Things To Never Say To Your Mother In Law!

By | November 5, 2016

Mother In Law, the term itself sends chills down the spine of a newly wed bride but why is it so??

A Mother in law can be very sweet at times but yeah you need to watch your mouth as well. She needs sometime to accept the fact that there’s a new woman in her home who will be taking care of her son, very much like she’s been doing all her life.

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So dear newly wed nooh rani or the soon to be bride, here are the 10 things you MUST not say to your Mother-In-Law:

Saadey gharey ta eda hee hunda hai!

Oh no no..if you are one of those who have this bimari then get rid of it right away.

Trust me, in your sohra ghar, no one really cares about tuhade ghar de riwaaz, they are more interested in teaching you the new things, that is, ke jis gharch tusi vyah ke ae ho ya auna hai, you need to learn their ways rather than telling them yours.

Meri Mumma Roti Zada Achi Bnande Ne!

Saying this to your Mother In Law is a CRIME!

You might not get an immediate reaction but trust me your are going to get punished for committing this sin in a very short span of time. Fer saade kol na aeo ronde hoe!

Mummyji eh ki paa leya tusi!

She’s dressed herself up all these years and she doesn’t really need suggestions, atleast from you, to get ready.

You both come from different generations and your choices ought to differ. Never question her sense of dressing up.

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Oh Please! Sanu pta asi apni life kiven jeeni hai! 

She has been protecting her son all these years by showing him a way forward and giving advice that she feels is best for him. Yes, you are a smart woman and know what you want from your life but taking a good suggestion from someone who is more experienced than you isn’t a bad idea, is it?

Shutting her up with a rude remark like this can hurt her feelings and you don’t wanna do that.

Tusi saade roomch knock krke aya karo! 

Oh yeah?? Baby doll, she has the first right over that room and need to respect that. She will take her sweet time to get used to the fact that her son is not in there all alone and there’s a woman inside whom he might be coochi cooing with, when she enters.

Let her embarrass herself by entering at the wrong time and she’ll never enter without knocking ever again.

Tusi jis shop to mere lai stuff buy kita mainu vi dsdeo main kuj cheap cheezan buy krniya si gifting lai! 

There is going to be an instant kalesh at home when you utter these words. She has probably bought the best stuff she could for you, in her horizon, but maybe you have a different choice.

Never refer to her gifts as cheap or not up-to your expectations. High headedness isn’t the best way to settle down with, in your new home.

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Tuhade ethe ta guest ee bohot aunde ne!

Kehnde ne ke vasde gharaanch hee rounka lagdiyan hundiya ne. So if there is an inflow of guests in your new house then it is a positive sign.

It shows that the family is a good host and people like them. On the other hand, houses which see no guests aren’t really the best places to live in. Chit chats, laughter, chaa paani, roti shoti and gappan are signs of bonding.

Hun main agai aa hun main tuhadi jgah le lvangi! 

Na ta kade bhul ke vi ni kehna. Your intention might be good but the way it will be perceived will definitely be troublesome.

Offer help when needed but don’t try to over power your Mother In Law by doing things in a desperate effort to take her place. Her say matters the most and the sooner you accept that, the better it will be.

Tuhanu ni pta main mumma to puchke dsdi aa! 

Such words might end up creating a friction amongst both the mothers in your sohra and peka parivaar. Women are very sensitive, especially with respect to the same gender in an equally important position.

Questioning you Mother In Law’s sensibility and that too by comparing it to your own mother is not recommended.

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Main ta es gharch dheeyan vaang rehna hai! 

This one’s a very dramatically boring dialogue. It’s been said since ages but koi vi sohra ghar apniyan noohan nu dheeyan vaang nahi rkh skde. 

Trust me, je tusi changi nooh bngae na..ta dhee banan di lorh hee nahi peni because this title itself holds a lot of respect and affection.

Though these are just a few suggestions that we’ve given you but trust me all you need to do is be patient. Your Mother In Law doesn’t know you as a person and neither do you have any idea about her life and ways. Try to know her rather than being scared of her. She could be your best buddy if things are handled sensitively.

Baaki je zada tang krde hoan sohre then you take a stand girl!

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