WOW! Pammi Aunty Will Soon Be Seen Promoting Jordan Tourism!

By | September 20, 2016

The Punjabi version of Ssumier Pasricha, Pammi Aunty, which is immensely popular thesedays has been invited by Jordan tourism for collaboration towards the country’s promotion as a tourist destination.

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The actor will be in Jordan for a week and will be travelling to places like Petra, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, Aquaba and Aman, from where he will be making and posting videos. “Imagine Pammi Aunty swimming in the Dead Sea and calling Sarla Pehnji! It will be fun.”

“I will be promoting the country as Ssumier and Pammi Aunty. I will be talking about the people there, the food, culture etc. It will be like a travel guide,” says Ssumier who will flying soon.

The first video which he will be uploading will give a hint with Pammi Aunty excitedly talking about being invited to Jordan. “She obviously doesn’t know anything about the country, so she will start reading about it,” says Ssumier, who is currently working on the creatives.

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The actor, who has done theatre and TV, became an internet sensation with his Pammi Aunty videos, and will be soon be a part of Comedy Nights Bachao 2. “Pammi Aunty mera ghar chala rahi hai. Thanks to woman power,” he smiles.

–Associated Press

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