Yaari Te Sardari: Punjabi Industry Still Has A Lot Of Lapses To Cover

By | September 2, 2016

In a recent interview with Ghaintpunjab, the 25 Kille actor Ranjha Vikram Singh announced a new movie titled Yaari Te Sardari which, according to him, is to hit the floor by the end of this year!

On the other hand, the 25 Kille Director, Simranjit Singh Hundal seemingly isn’t too happy about this update. He said that the title and the story belongs to him and nothing much has been finalised with respect to his association with Vikram and his team.

So where exactly is the lapse??

The actor cum producer makes an onscreen revelation but the Director isn’t confirming it! Isn’t this a sad state for the Punjabi industry that without a confirmation, a new film is being announced and nothing has been clearly and logically put on paper for this project.

(Yet Another Turbannator Gets Added To The Whitehill Kitty!)

We have even heard previous incidences from our industry wherein actors are finalised and signed even before their onscreen characters are penned down! (in Bollywood, the actor is sent the script to read and if he/she likes the role, only then they are considered for auditions. Also, the Director auditions the biggest of names for his character to see whether or not that actor is capable of justifying the onscreen feel of his filmy character..offcourse unprofessionals othe vi haige ne but general practice ehi hai!)


Yep that’s true and this isn’t about small production houses but the BIG ones around which have been following such practices.

No doubt the good actors are running from pole to pillar for one break and the chachas and mamaji’s munde are literally snatching away the bread and butter of those hard working actors who have dedicated their entire life to cinema and theatre.

With such box office minting in terms of collection by our Punjabi films lately, I strongly feel that it’s time for our producers, actors, directors and everyone who is a part of this industry to get into the practice of keeping things undercover till the final signatures have been sealed and also be a little bit (if not much) more professional towards their approach (even when they are calling a media person).

Hoping for a positive change always!

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